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Smokers Teeth Whitening

Smokers all suffer from the same problem sooner or later: Yellow teeth! Yellow teeth caused by smoking is just another byproduct of the smoking habit, however unlike most of the negative side effects, yellow teeth can be fixed. In extreme cases, professional teeth whitening services may be the only way to restore your teeth, but for most smokers, teeth can be whitened at home for a fraction of the cost of a professional service. 

There are many teeth whitening products that are designed to be used at home, but very few are as effective as a home bleaching. A fairly new technology is whitening lights, which utilize super bright light technology, which when used in conjunction with bleaching kits, is believed to speed up whitening results, however there is no concrete evidence to support this. 

How do teeth whitening kits work? Teeth whiteners nearly universally rely on either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. If you recognize these names, it is because both carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are both used in hair bleaching products. When used orally, carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea. Hydrogen peroxide is the actual whitening compound. Your teeth are composed of a thin inner dentin layer, and an outer enamel layer. When you eat, smoke, or put anything in your mouth, another layer begins to form on top of the enamel layer. This layer can be reduced somewhat with whitening tooth pastes, but it is generally a very resilient film. As this layer remains on your teeth, the enamel layer beneath begins to stain as a result. The goal of home whitening kits is to actively reduce this outer layer, which allows hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth of the stain. 

Smokers may find that home whitening kits work for them, depending on how long they have been smoking, and how many times they smoke a day. In extreme cases, even the strongest hydrogen peroxide products will be unable to reduce stains. With modern advances in teeth whitening, the likelihood of a product not working, even for a heavy smoker, is highly unlikely.

One of the most effective smoker friendly teeth whitening products is Alta White, which is used by many smokers to quickly and effectively reduce stains on the teeth. Utilizing a simple applicator to apply the product to your teeth means you don't need to fumble with messy trays, or struggle to put on strips evenly. You simply paint the whitening gel on, and then wait for the results (which are never far behind!)